Regardless of wether you’re into the cycles of the moon or not, reflecting is always helpful for getting some clarity over where you are and where you want to go. Where do I put my energy? What will I let go of? These are a few questions of the guide that will help you to set up a routine of reflection. It is now available as one-time download here.


A cup of coffee or tea is never just a cup – it is a moment of reflection and grounding. From this perspective stems the idea of producing cups matching my music. Themed cups representing the song “Dear Pachamama” as a statement for taking care of nature, and “Tolerance” as a statement for a kinder and more open world. Sustainably and locally produced in the city of Aguascalientes, México. Currently only available in Aguascalientes. More information and link to the online shop is found here.


Elaborating on the idea of a cup being a moment of reflection and grounding, the interactive eBook “My Cup of Tea” is offering texts and doodles to practice mindfulness and being fully present. It is available via PayHip in German and in Spanish.

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