Ariane Vera

Ariane Vera was born in Munich in 1994 with Argentinian & Spanish roots.

She took cello and ballet classes before picking up the guitar at 13 years. At the age of 15, she won competitions and local music awards and shared her music at events and festivals, amongst others the Pop Open Stuttgart 2010.  

She completed her full-time university degree in English Literature & International Relations at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree. She studied one (ERASMUS) semester at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Extracurricular activities during her studies included the engagement for social start-ups based in Munich and Berlin, in the area Business Coaching, PR & Communications. She wrote for digital magazines and platforms based in Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg on the topics of women empowerment, gender equality, social entrepreneurship, climate change, and sustainability. In collaboration with a leadership consultancy based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, she co-authored an eBook on the topic of leadership & women empowerment. She continued sharing her music in bars, and cafés and performed at the Aberdeen Music Hall Closing Ceremony in 2016.

Ariane won the Welcome To Europe Songcontest 2017 with her single Tolerance, followed by numerous appearances in the local media sharing her message of a tolerant world. A few months later, she traveled to Mexico where she spoke at a TEDxYouth conference on climate change and women empowerment. In December that year, she hosted another talk at TEDx Freiburg focusing on the power of words to create a more equal world. 

During a longer stay in Mendoza, Argentina, she observed the effects of climate change first hand and shared the controversial story of soy plantations in Argentina, and the power of conscious decisions in everyday life, at her third TEDx conference at TEDxMetzingen

She performed at the European Parliament during the European Youth Festival in June 2018, before moving to Mexico in November 2018. There, she has been focusing fully on her career as entrepreneur & artist, continuing to share her message of tolerance & kindness.

In May 2019, Ariane visited coffee plantations in Chiapas, the south of Mexico. Having become witness of the devastating effects of changing temperatures, she founded an initiative in Aguascalientes in collaboration with baristas, cafés, and coffee traders to promote the conscious consumption of coffee.

She joined the local Girl Up Club, initiative by the United Nations Foundation, and founded the Fridays For Future in Aguascalientes, singing in front of the City Hall each Friday, joined by many young people. Upon her action for climate change, Ariane was invited to host a radio show at the local state radio station Radio y Televisión de Aguascalientes. With the aim to create a platform to share knowledge from a Latin American / Mexican perspective on sustainability with a wider audience, she published the radio show as podcast „Sábados Sostenibles“ (Sustainable Saturdays), interviewing local experts on the topic of climate change and sustainability. 

In June 2019, Ariane Vera visited St. Joseph’s School in Nkoni, Uganda as part of a music project of her High School in Ostfildern, Germany. The visit to the African Continent is a memory she holds dearly and one that continues to inspire her work and art. 

Ariane made her debut as author, publishing her first book ‘100 Ways to speak of Love’ in July 2020. It is available worldwide on Amazon in English, Spanish & German.

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